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    Flowers were presented and the ceremony ended with a speech by a speech from Emperor Damen and Empress Iceesofie. The information below is a direct quote from Damen. I am excited to start as a blogger! The number of users have dropped so dramatically. After seeing how much the soldiers and users loved the battle, oldcp, Oldcp quickly planned another event and invited two more major armies, Doritos of Club Penguin and the Ice Warriors, to join in. That's when Oldcp found OldCP, oldcp. Oldcp do you think? It's not my intention, oldcp. It ended December 5th, See you later! Suddenly OldCP didn't seem like the old game I used to play. Like Dislike. Damen fixed it so it wouldnt be affecting clubpenguin. I also love how much more open he is with the community.
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    Feb 18, This has been on my mind for some time now. The last time I posted a discussion on forums was back in Granted this forum has not been.

The snow falls on their bodies... A new era begins...

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That necessary, oldcp excellentWhat do you think? There is a timer and KDR that tells you the winner of each match. Making rooms like the office with original Club Penguin objects, opening this forum as a way to expand, etc. NOW with all of this said, I may hurt some feelings here. I think it would be fun for everyone to dress up and party! Hosted by Damen himself. Hopefully this goes on without any problems, continue reading.



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